The Journey to Sustainability

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Prior to beginning work on this final paper, review all chapters of Bensel and Carbone’s Sustaining Our Planet text (2020). In this paper, you will explore what a future sustainable world might look like, and in the process of doing so, extend your previous descriptions of selected terms and explain how they may play a role in aiding us in achieving environmental sustainability on a global scale

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Cool Hand Luke (1967)

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Watch the film, “Cool Hand Luke” (1967) dir. Stuart Rosenberg and write a film review. The film is accessible and rented on my Youtube account. The link is at the bottom of this request. Make sure to relate / give specific examples from the movie in correspondence with the textbook reading (Film Art Chapter 12

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Understanding how to perform sophisticated searches of online information will greatly increase your chances of finding what you want. While most popular search engines let you define your search criteria in very specific ways, not all function identically. Capital Sensitivity If a search keyword is capitalized, the search engine will return only documents containing the capitalized word


Social Justice Movements

Take some time to quickly review the list of social justice movements. Note - this is capturing large-scale milestones of different movements up to 2011; it does not catch everything in the movement nor does it include all movements! This particular document gives you an example of what a social movement looks like

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Humanities 121 Short Essay 2: The Odyssey

Harold Bloom, an eminent 20th Century literary scholar, wrote, "Homer's Odysseus is a very dangerous figure, whom we admire and respect but do not love. He is a great survivor, the one man who will stay afloat when all his shipmates drown. You would not want to be in one boat with him then, but there is no one you would rather read or hear about, because survival is the best of all stories. Stories exist to defer death, and Odysseus is the grand evader of mortality

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