Solved: Vulnerable Client: Public Health Group Project

  1. Participate in the selection of a vulnerable client scenario for your group. Each student in the group will select a different agency that can provide services for that client or family.
  2. Identify the needs that this agency is designed to meet.
  3. Describe the role(s) of nurses within the agency.
  4. Identify how this agency could better be utilized by the population of focus.

Each group member will create a profile of their selected agency:

  1. Identify an agency whose services are necessary in meeting the health and social needs of the individuals from the selected scenario.
  2. Determine how this agency could best meet your client’s needs.

Your presentation should include:

  1. History of agency
  2. Location and environment
  3. Programs and services
  4. Eligibility requirements, fees
  5. Public relations and marketing
  6. Relationships to other agencies within the community
  7. Projected needs of agency
  8. Utilization of services by people in the community

Compile the agency profile, which meets the requirements of the grading rubric below, into one group PowerPoint

Presentation Criteria The agency presented was appropriate in selection and scope for the course  The presentation was organized logically  The topic was adequately researched The presentation included the important issues in the topical area Audiovisuals were used effectively to enhance the quality of the presentation  The AVs were clear, readable, and appropriately prepared  I felt that I had been updated about the agency in a meaningful way  The presentation demonstrated thoroughness  The presentation demonstrated creativity