Solved: Social Inequality

Poverty Explain how social inequality, on a micro and macro level, perpetuates the social problem you selected (150-200 words). Explain how social inequality is influenced by individual and institutional discrimination (150-200 words). Use the GCU library and identify an actual solution to the problem of social inequality. Summarize the solution you identified and compare it to historical solutions proposed in the past (150-200 words). My citation and reference to use from the GCU librabry: “While other approaches to poverty alleviation can offer relief and the temporary resolution of some problems, overall, industrialization is needed to finally obtain the goal of abject poverty alleviation.” Alvarez, S. A., Barney, J. B., & Newman, A. M. B. (2015). The poverty problem and the industrialization solution. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 32(1), 23–37.