Solved: Development of a Camera Slider

Design Brief:
For this report the problem centers around the development of a camera slider capable of smoothly moving a DSLR and attached lens in a linear path of at least 75 cm and maximum 1.2 m. Moving the camera in a manual mode and automatic mode must be included, movements should be stabilized so that oscillations are avoided (or minimized) and the option to pan the camera as it moves along the lenght of the path must also be included. The systems must be light weight and portable and can carry a Canon, Nikon or Sony DSLR with a manufacture specific camera lens or a third party manufactured lens such as Tamron or Sigma Project - Technical paper addressing the design and development of a camera slider. It is essential that some parts within this project are modeled and analysed in CREO Simulate and that some are linked to MATHCAD worksheets. Evidence of self directed learning is also required. NOTE: Technical paper to presented in a conference paper format and to include: Abstract Nomenclature introduction Problem Statement Relevant theoretical pertaining to mathematical analysis Design critique and analysis of key components Conclusion & recommendations for further work Bibliography