Guessing Sexual Orientation of Strangers

Please provide your reaction to the video (Guessing Sexual Orientation of Strangers) and the Heterosexual Privilege Checklist by writing a 250-500 word reflection. Please use the questions below to guide your reflection process and add whatever you would like in response to the activities. How did you do on the Heterosexual Privilege Checklist? If you are heterosexual, what are the privileges you have experienced that are listed on the checklist and what are some specific ways (write at least three) those privileges been beneficial to you in various aspects of your life (academics, social, professional, etc.)? If you are lesbian, gay, bisexual/biattracted, asexual/aromantic, demisexual, greysexual, pansexual, or another orientation have or do you “pass” as heterosexual? If so, what has been your experience when people assume you are heterosexual? If you do not “pass” or you are openly LGBQIA+, talk about your experiences not having the same privileges as heterosexual (or those assumed to be heterosexual) people do. How are stereotypes and privilege connected, especially when it comes to sexual orientation? How do these two things contribute to the oppression and marginalization of gender and sexually diverse populations? What can you do to alleviate this oppression and marginalization?

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