Solved: Assignment 3: Technical Description

Select a diagnostic tool used to troubleshoot automobile problems: On-Board Diagnostic (OBD), PicoScope, circuit tester, voltmeter, code reader, any tool with which you are very familiar and have used. Describe the basic function, use, and operation of the tool. The audience for this paper could  be readers with interest in the automotive field; in-coming automotive students, junior technicans, etc. You may choose your audience.

Paper Organization:

The paper will have a 3-part structure: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion

You could begin the introduction by starting with a broad overview or statement of the topic and gradually narrow to the thesis statement. For example, let’s say you decide to describe a multimeter, you could begin by defining what a multimeter is and what it used for in a few sentences. Example: A multimeter is a standard diagnostic test tool used for measuring ————–. You could then move logically to identify the different types of multimeters—digital and analogy–and briefly state how they differ. You then narrow your focus to the  thesis statement: This paper describes the four main components of a digital multimeter and their functions.

The body of the paper expands on the thesis statement. In the case of the multimeter, each paragraph will focus on a specific component of the multimeter and its function, using concrete supporting details). You may include graphics if or when needed. To ensure that the pararaphs flow smoothly and logically, use appropriate transitions.

The conclusion gives completeness to a paper. It summarizes the main contents of the paper and state what you want the reader to take away from the paper. For example: One way to conclude a description on digital multimeter: Digital multimeter is one of the most important diagnostic tools used by electrical technicians to troubleshoot electronic circuits. Knowing how to properly use a digital multimeter means that technicians must first understand the basic parts and their functions so they are able to use the device correctly.


  • Page Limit: Do not exceed 2typed pages

Spacing: Double spaced with 1 inch margins all around.

  • PaperTitle: must include tool you’re describing
  • Structure: Introduction, Body, Conclusion with a clear and focused thesis in the introduction, appropriate transitons to connect thoughts and paragraphs. Simple graphics, if needed.
  • Proofread for grammar, spelling and punctuation

                       Paper Due Date: February 11.

                               Upload to D2L as a Word Doc.

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