Solved: MAE 3342 PROJECT-Company Financial Profile

This project is individual effort. Select an engineering company of your choice. Using open-source information, create a financial profile of the company.
  1. What is the current financial state of the company and why?
  2. What financial decisions, good or bad, has the company made to get it where it is today?
  3. What is the 5-year financial prognosis of the company and why?
  4. What suggestions to YOU have to improve the company’s financial viability?
Perform enough research to thoroughly create your financial profile in the context of this course (business practices and business finance). Perform the necessary calculations to support your statements with facts. Expectation is a 4 - 5 double spaced paper, in pdf format.  Include pertinent graphs or tables IN the paper, but submit calculations in a separate document (Appendix). Using the format of your choice (MLA is linked on Canvas), cite courses in your paper. Solution [sdm_download id="1446" fancy="0"] [sdm_download_counter id="1446"]