Solved: Sonkrag Inc. Case

Sonkrag Inc. is an international solar components company, whose head office is located in Madrid, Spain. It manufactures and sells specialist solar panels and components to both consumers (retail) and industry (business). Consumer division Sonkrag Inc.’s retail customers are required to create an online account, to which they register their name, address and credit card details. The customers must also create a password, which they must use whenever they wish to log into their account in order to update their details or place an order. Existing registered customers can swiftly place repeat orders due to their payment and personal details being already held on file. Sonkrag Inc.’s ‘Intelligent’ software monitors customer purchases and recommends other products by email. The success of the consumer business has been attributed to these features. Many customers buy recommended products and the proportion is growing because Sonkrag Inc.’s ‘Intelligent’ software becomes increasingly accurate as more data is gathered.