Solved: Personal Time Management Exercise

Description: Students are to log their time in 30 minute increments for a full week (7 days) and submit a reflection that addresses the specified set of questions. Students must also submit their logs along with the reflection. Each reflection must be three - four pages in length with double spacing and Times New Roman font (12-point in type size).

Title and reference pages are required. The deliverable MUST be submitted individually by the specified due date. Students have a majority of the semester to complete this assignment and may start working on this assignment at any time.

Assessment: The submissions MUST reflect critical thought and professional writing. Questions 2-4 are worth 40 points each. Up to two points will be deducted for every instance in which there are

(1) failures to fully support a position,

(2) spelling and grammatical errors,

(3) failures to fully address each question,

(4) failures to properly cite a source,

(5) failures to prepare content that is relevant, and

(6) failures to organize content and frame arguments in a manner that is logical, comprehendible, and compelling.

While not included in the point calculation the time logs are required and up to 40 points will be deducted for failures to log time as required in the assignment instructions and/or failures to complete and submit time logs.

Instructions: Systematic time management is a necessary exercise for developing a meaningful understanding of where our time goes. Peter Drucker states, "[O]ne has to record time before one can know where it goes... Time is the scarcest resource, and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed. The analysis of ones time, more-over, is the one easily accessible and yet systematic way to analyze ones work and to think through what really matters in it."

Consider the above quote and what you read in Chapter 2 (Know thy time) and address the following tasks and questions:

  • Log your time in 30 minute increments for one full week (including sleep). Note: You are required to upload/submit your log when submitting this assignment and the expectation is that information from the log will be used to address the following requirements/questions. Summarize and discuss where your time went by categorizing it into general themes (church, work, personal reading, school reading, writing, television/movies, music, social, etc.) (40 points).
  • List the themes in order of importance. Priority themes should be those that are most vital to your personal/professional mission and objectives (40 points).
  • What three things (themes) consumed most of your time? What thoughts do you have regarding how this time was spent (40 points)?
  • What did you learn about yourself (40 points)?
  • How will you apply what you have learned to developing yourself (including your time management) personally and professionally (40 points)?