Grant Writing (Final Project – Part 2)

BAIS 380 & MAIS 650

April 12, 2021

Objective:  Students will utilize their natural skills and the skills learned in this course to create a robust and comprehensive Advocacy Plan. The final Advocacy plan will serve as a creative and written sample for students to use when applying for jobs or internships.

Financial –

Students will be required to write a grant requesting a minimum of $10,000 to a maximum of $20,000 to fund a project that supports the larger Advocacy Plan.

•    Note: You can request a larger amount of funding, please make sure to create a tracking and reporting matrix to justify how you will spend the money you request.

Your grant must include the following:

•    Executive Summary (100 words – 150 words):

o Who are you?

o Why are you the individual or organization to carry out the project?

•    Summary of Project (300 words – 400 words):

o Think Big Picture!

§   Examples:

•    Collaboration with community partners to draft a report on needs with respect to the environment;

•   Youth Academy for better access to the state’s Youth Commission;


•    Statewide survey and education on hallucinogens with respect to the War on Drugs.

•    Needs Assessment (100 words – 200 words):

o Where do you plan to implement this project?

o What is the data you have or don’t have to run this project?

•    Program Design:

o How are you going to operationalize your program?

§   Goals:

§   Description (Activities):

§   Outcome:

•   This section can be made through short and concise bullet points

•    Budget:

o Minimum: $10,000

o Maximum :$20,000

§   Don’t forget to pay yourself!

•   Example:

o $10,000 – Salary over 3 months

o $6,000 – Stipends for those involved

o $1,500 – Transportation

o $1,500 – Interpretation

o $1,000 – Food


•   Out of 50 Points

o Each section is worth 10 points


•   12-size font;

•   Clear Formatting; and

•   Times New Roman.

Due Date: Please send me an electronic copy before 2 p.m. on Friday, May 14, 2019. There will be NO extensions for the Advocacy Plans.

If you have any questions, please email me at, schedule an appointment, or come to office hours on Monday’s, 3 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

[Letterhead or Resume Header]

Delivered via [Electronic Mail, USPS Mail, FedEx etc]

Date: Month Day, Year

[Foundation or Grant maker]

Attn: [Who is the grant manager or who are you communicating with]


City, State, Zip Code

RE: Letter of Intent (Grant Cycle YY-YY) Project Name:

Dear [Prefix] [Grant Manager’s Name], Introduction:

•   Your Name and what your title or position is

o If you don’t have a title or position, explain who you are:

§   Immigrant Rights Advocate

§   Defender of Human Rights

§   Housing Security Advocate

•   State Gratitude

o “I am humbled…”

o “Our team is grateful for this opportunity”

•   Window of Passion

o Get the reader excited about who you are and what you will be proposing!

2nd Paragraph:

•    Brief history of your organization, in this case for those that do not belong to an agency, a consolidated 6-word Memoir Essay

•   You can also include the work you have done that is relevant to this proposal

o  Do not sell yourself short

3rd Paragraph:

•   Briefly state the problem or issue you want to solve

o Do not exaggerate, make it real

•   How much money will you be requesting?

o Usually, grant managers or RFP’s will include the range of money you can ask for OR they’ll limit the amount

o Do not be afraid to ask for the highest amount!

•   State your Deliverables and Timeline

o How much can you accomplish with the money?

§   Quantify your time and your actions!

•    For example: $20,000 for 10 job trainings for 20 family units

o In your longer piece, you will breakdown these numbers

o Foundations and Grant makers will include a grant cycle for you, if so, base your project around that. If there is not a timeline, you need to create one.

§   Ensure that your grant is no longer than one (1) year

•    Unless you can justify a 2-3 year project, or if the grant expresses the interest of a renewed contract.

4th Paragraph:

•   Summarize your goal!

o What is the intended outcome of your project?

o What will separate your proposal from other applicants?

§   Remember: cutting-edge, brand-new, revolutionary etc

Your last sentence should express gratitude and the best means of contacting you

•    “If you have any additional questions or if you would like to provide feedback, you can contact me via email at”

Sincerely, [Signature]




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