CFM1 Assignment 2020

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Assume that you are working in the corporate financial advisory services department of a large investment bank and your director (who has read extensively about shareholder value analysis) has asked you to prepare a shareholder value analysis and a short-term valuation report on your chosen company using the following basis for your valuation

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Memo Assignment

You are an investment advisor and your clients, Marilyn and David, require your services. Marilyn and David are both 65 and are about to retire. They have no assets other than $1,600,000 in cash savings, and they have no debts. They wish to maintain their current lifestyle during their retirement years

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Strategic Plan Template

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This course will feature a cumulative assignment starting in Week 1 and concluding in Week 5. You will complete this assignment each week using the Strategic Plan Template provided. This document will be used in conjunction with the Phoenix Hospital 5-Year Strategic Plan Scenario

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AFRM Assignment 1

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This coursework focuses on a new area of risk management and financial markets and will require some research. Read the following article from the “Current issues in financial markets” section of the FRM readings

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Company Analysis

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Prepare an analysis about a company, industry, or person that has faced or currently faces a crisis (or that is grappling with an issue which threatens to become a crisis.) Include the following components

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