Solved: Essay on Nationalism

Write a 2 page essay (typed, double-spaced, 12 point New Times Roman font, Five Paragraph Format) that argues your view of this statement (either for or against): Nationalism is a good thing for the individual and for the society in which the individual lives. Take a stance, pick only one side. Do not try to argue “it depends” or “both.” Be sure to write a strong thesis statement in your Intro paragraph. Provide historical and historiographical evidence that supports your thesis. Have a separate Title Page with your name - use any format for that title page. Why a title page? We're just avoiding the manipulation of page space often used by students to reduce two pages to only a page and a half. :-) Use at least 2 non-internet sources. The textbook, or any other textbook, will not count toward these 2 non-internet sources. However, you may use anything published in the online database of JSTOR, accessible through the online Valencia Library. To be clear, JSTOR sources count as non-internet sources. JSTOR will provide peer reviewed articles and e-books - all are acceptable, as long as they are retrieved from JSTOR. There is one exception: you may not use a Book Review article. If you do not know how to use the online Valencia Library, do not contact Professor Szalma. Contact the library. (This is not being mean, this is forcing you to find things and figure out things on your own. This is how life works). ONLY JSTOR will be acceptable as a database! ABC-CLIO and EBSCO are not JSTOR!!! You must cite (this does not have to be a quote, as you can draw information from a source) each source at least twice in the essay. For example, if you use the minimum of two sources, there should be a minimum of four citations in the essay. Be sure to cite your sources using both Note and Bibliography formats of Chicago Style (17th edition). The Valencia Library has an online guide for Chicago Style. However, put your note citations on a separate page labeled as "Endnotes." Putting your citations on this separate page will prevent any formatting issues (and therefore student frustration) that come with actually using footnotes. The Endnotes page is placed after your last page of content. The Bibliography page is placed last. Also, don't worry about anything else in Chicago style, just your source citations. Why Endnotes AND a Bibliography? The idea of Endnotes is that you cite the sources within the essay, informing the reader exactly where to get that information (to include the actual page number of the book or article you cited). The idea of a Bibliography is that you list all the sources you used in one place so that the reader can have a consolidated list. Keep in mind, this format was originally designed for books – so having a nice consolidated list of books at the end was a “nice” thing to do for the reader, who wouldn’t have to flip through the entire book, examining all the Footnotes/Endnotes to determine all the sources.