Solved: Paper 2-Controversy, Thesis, Opposing Arguments, Citations, and Works Cited

Purpose of Paper Two Paper two shows me how you will fulfill the argumentative requirement of the final paper. The argumentative requirement of the final paper states that you must present the arguments of authors who disagree with your thesis statement. You must present these arguments fairly and then refute them with your own points in support of your thesis statement. Around a fourth of your final paper should be devoted to presenting and refuting opposing arguments. Look ahead at paper four's requirements. For paper two, you will present only sources that disagree with your thesis statement. Note: If you are unable to find opposing sources, perhaps your topic or your approach to it is not sufficiently controversial in nature. If this is the case, you will need to either change your focus, dig deeper and find opposing sources, or choose a new topic altogether. The topic you present in paper two is the topic you must continue with through the rest of the course. No changes, other than internal ones (the thesis, coverage, or focus), will be allowed. You must properly cite and reference at least five sources (you can do more, if you wish) where the authors directly disagree with your thesis statement. Note that the authors themselves must clearly be arguing against your thesis statement and not merely stating that a controversy exists. Explain how and why each source opposes your thesis statement. In paper one I asked you to learn to use databases to find peer-reviewed articles. Now, in papers two, three, and four, you are free to continue using databases alone, or you may use them as well as other credible sources you might find, regardless of where. This includes such sources as stand-alone websites, books, lectures, online e-books, newspaper articles, textbooks, government websites, TV episodes, social media, etc. -- as long as you are certain they are credible. You are not limited in your research. Just make sure you don't commit the cardinal error of research writing: "garbage in, garbage out." Instructions for Paper Two On the first page, follow the format described for paper one. The title for this paper is Paper Two. After the title, come down a double space and write an essay that explains the controversy in detail and leads up to your thesis sentence. Identify your thesis sentence by saying, "My thesis is . . . ." Continue your essay with a discussion that covers in detail each of the five sources that disagree with your thesis. Use in-text citations to credit each source during your discussion. For each source, Name the author(s) and state their credentials (what makes them expert on the controversy?). Summarize their basic arguments (main points) against your thesis. Make sure you use at least one MLA citation (Author page) in your discussion of each source. Explain why you may choose this source to use in your final paper--what is its value? Starting on a new page, place the words Works Cited at the top. Double space down, then start the list. Use MLA formatting for the Works Cited page. Refer back to paper one to correct any errors you may have made, contact the Writing Center for an appointment, if possible, go to announcement #4 on the Home page of the course, or send me a draft for analysis. Present the five contrary sources in alphabetical order on the Works Cited page. Each cited entry on the Works Cited page must have one or more corresponding citations in your discussion of the contrary sources, and each citation in your discussion must have a corresponding works cited entry on the Works Cited page. The length of paper two is as long as it needs to be to get the job done. Grading Criteria These are the things I'll look at when I grade your paper: You explain the controversy in detail in paragraph one. You provide a thesis statement at the end of paragraph one. You discuss, using citations, five different sources that directly disagree with your thesis statement. You present only sources that are contrary to your thesis. You use correct MLA 8th edition format for the citations and works cited entries. Each citation has a corresponding works cited page entry and each works cited page entry has one or more corresponding citations in the body of Paper Two. Your word choices, spelling, sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation reach college-level quality ability. Paper two is worth up to 200 points.