INT301 Research Proposal

Research Proposal (10% + 30% = 40%)

The final project for this class will be producing a research proposal. This proposal is only a starting point for your future research as part of your thesis project. You will need to develop this project in new ways as required by the INT 495 instructor. You should consider it as simply a good start to your next steps in your degree program. While this may be a starting point, I expect high quality work and substantial effort put into the proposal.

As with any research proposal, you should check your work to ensure that each of these sections are conceptually in alignment with one another. This means that, for example, your research questions should lead to a literature review on relevant topics, and that protocols and methods that are both connected to the issues raised in the literature review and provide a framework for demonstrably answering your research questions. In other words, while your research proposal will be a constituted by a number of different sections, those sections should be connected to one another.

This may seem overwhelming, which is why we will be completing smaller components of these assignments throughout the semester. These assignments are organized under the “unit assignments” section above and are separate from your research proposal rough draft and your final research proposal. Your draft proposal is due early so that we may support your work through feedback on your rough draft and peer writing workshops. (Worth 10% of your final grade; see Blackboard for details).

Your final proposal, which is worth 30% of your final grade, will consist of and be assessed by the following:

1.   Area of focus and Research Questions: 17.5%
2.   Literature Review: 37.5%
3.   Protocol and methods: 27.5%
4.   Conclusion/Next Steps: 17.5%

While you may be doing assignments to support your writing throughout the course separately, you will need to synthesize them into a cohesive, singular document, which is your final research proposal. Your final research proposal will be 2500 to 4000 words in length not including references.

Here is a brief overview of the assignments that are to be included in your final research proposal:

Research Topic and Research Question This section will serve as your proposal introduction. You will name your area of focus, identify the traditional and applied disciplines in your area of focus, and discuss ‘ways of knowing’ in those fields. You will identify your research topic and discuss its significance. A research question is an inquiry into a specific concern or issue, which will serve as the foundation of your final research proposal. Your proposal should have one to two clearly outlined research questions. You will also need to demonstrate how your questions require two or more disciplines to answer. You will also need to discuss why your research question(s) is important and why we should care. Your paper should include an introduction (including a thesis statement) and conclusion.
Literature Review Your literature review will summarize, evaluate, and synthesize source materials related to your research topic.  Your literature review will include an introduction, a review of at least three major themes related to your research topic, incorporating a minimum of 10 sources, and a conclusion. A literature review is not an annotated bibliography. You will receive a 0 if you turn in your annotated bibliography as your literature review. Your literature review should be 1000-2000 words in length.
Protocol and Methods In this section, you will outline how you will carry out the research. You will discuss your disciplinary approaches, methods, theoretical framework, scholarly perspectives, etc. You will incorporate how your positionality will impact how you conduct your research as well as any potential ethical issues related to your research. This section should be about 750 words. You also should incorporate parts of your writing about ethics into this section, as well.
Conclusion/Next Steps In this section, you will summarize and review your key points and arguments. You will reiterate (without simply copying and pasting from earlier sections) why we should care about this work. You will also outline what your next steps are for your research. For example, when do you plan to carry the research out? What will you complete in 495? This section should be about 500 words.  
References This is where your References for your full proposal goes, using a formal citation method consistent with your in-text citations. Only sources that you summarize, quote, and cite should be in this list. Remember that we use APA in this course.
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