Solved: Reflection Essay-Digital Portfolio and Brand

Paper instructions: The purpose of this assignment is so that we have a clear vision of where you want to go for your career at this point in your life. It will help us evaluate your digital profile and brand to see if it is in alignment with your career aspirations and vision. For this assignment, you will analyze your created digital portfolio and reflect on your newly created brand generating some ideas about steps you may want to take in order to promote yourself future forward. For this paper, you will bring all of the knowledge learned in the course together, reflect on your digital portfolio and develop a long-term plan. This detailed reflection and plan should include the following: a statement of your career goals/intentions beyond college an explanation of how you have cleaned up your digital footprint/established your personal brand explanation of what social media tools best support your personal brand in your prospective field a statement of your long-term plans to promote your brand and web presence. Solution [sdm_download id="1524" fancy="0"] [sdm_download_counter id="1524"]