Solved: IT 489 Peer Review Guidelines

The purpose of peer review in this course is to assist students with their overall final project, the e-portfolio. Each student will be asked to post an example of one artifact and one coinciding reflection by Thursday of Module Six. Students will have the opportunity to examine and provide feedback to their peers’ posts by Sunday of Module Six. In this peer review, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on your peers’ methods of sharing the artifacts and writing their reflections. Grammatical and spelling errors should be addressed, as well as suggestions for a quality eportfolio. When providing feedback to your peers, you should take into consideration the final project and what is asked of each student. It is important in your reflection to provide detailed feedback related to common errors, which can distract from the quality of the e-portfolio. It is also important to provide detailed feedback on your peers’ actual demonstration of knowledge through the display of artifacts. You should read each peer’s post a second (and even third) time to develop your review. Refer to the Final Project Document to confirm whether or not your classmate has addressed the requirements of the assignment. Provide clear and detailed feedback based on your evaluation of your peer’s start to his or her e-portfolio. Identifying the strengths and the weaknesses of what you are viewing based on the final project’s requirements will help students receive valuable feedback. It is important to be professional in your peer reviews and use cordial yet helpful language and tone. Prompt: You will comment on at least two other classmates’ completed artifacts and reflections. You must provide your own submission of an artifact and reflection for your peers to review. If you do not post your artifact and reflection, you cannot participate in the peer review. Please select any posts that have not been reviewed yet and provide those students with your feedback. Remember to remain professional and helpful. Identify strengths and weaknesses in a cordial yet helpful tone.