GEO 220 Spring 2020-2021

Information on Display Assignment

The goal for this assignment is for each student to introduce their country to the instructor and their classmates from the perspective of a human geographer and the issues/concerns the field considers.  This is to be achieved by developing a display about the country.  The display should also include general information about the country’s predominate cultural and the culture’s perspective on some global or regional issues.

What is a Human Geographer’s perspective? 

  • Review Chapters 1 through 5 in Human Geography:  A Concise Introduction.
  • Human geographers consider five themes:  location (absolute and relative), place, human/environment interaction, movement, regions.  Review each of these themes to make sure you understand them and apply them to your country.  The display should include information on each of these.  
  • Consider the Cultural Circle – Land/Climate > resources > jobs > communities (or not) > change > land/climate.  The display should indicate how this cycle has occurred in your country.
  • Human Geographers seek to describe and explain variations from place to place in the ways in which human beings have inhabited the face of the earth. Consider how humans have made an impact on the area that makes up your country.

What kinds of issues or concerns do Human Geographers consider when studying an area such as a country? 

  • Review chapters 6 through 12 in Human Geography:  A Concise Introduction.
  • The issues/concerns include:
    • Population
    • Urbanization
    • Development/economics
    • Standard of living
    • Migration/immigration (host or receiving country)
    • Risks/natural disasters
    • Colonial issues
    • Relations with other countries
  • All of these cannot be addressed in a display.  
  • In your display, address several of these issues from the textbook that have significant applicability and help define the predominate culture and/or a global/regional perspective of the country.

What should the display be like?                                                                     

  • It can be in any format or combination of formats that effectively conveys the information outlined above.
  • The student should be creative in developing the display.  It should interesting.
  • Consider the use of a combination of maps, charts, photos, text, videos, PowerPoints, sound, posters, etc.
  • It should have a logical layout or arrangement that the observer can easily understand the information.
  • It must include appropriate citation of sources of information and resources that are a part of the display. 

How will this be graded? The following will be considered in the evaluation of a display:

  • Does the display use a Human Geography approach?
  • Does the display cover the expectations outlined above?  How thoroughly is each prompt addressed?
  • Is the display well-organized and easy to follow?
  • Does the display provide accurate, well-researched information and appropriately cited sources?
  • Bonus points are awarded for particularly creative or interesting approaches to the display.
  • In addition to the instructor’s assessment, peer input/comments/responses will also be considered in the final grade.
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