Justice Biography

This paper should be in 2-3 pages in length. The paper is due December 4, 2020. The following information should be included in your paper. In considering your choice of a United States Supreme Court Justice you will find information in the following on-line sources. Do not limit your research to these sources alone since there extensive resources.

 A  Complete  List  of  all  US  Supreme  Court  Justices

 Current  Members

 Justices  1789  to  Present

Begin the paper with a paragraph that introduces the reader to the Justice.

●    You might want to follow the introduction with a paragraph on the background  (family, education, etcetera )  of your justice.

●    Prior to being appointed to the  United States Supreme Court what was the professional background of the Justice (Defense Attorney, Tax Attorney, State Judge, Federal Judge, or another position)?

Next, continue with the appointment of the justice.

●   When was the justice you selected appointed?

●   Was the justice appointed by a Democrat or Republican president?

●     Has the justice you have chosen been described as a liberal, conservative, or perhaps a moderate?

Conclude with a review of the work and the legacy of the Justice on the bench

●   Many justices have written hundreds of opinions during their career on the court.

Research the significant case opinions written by your chosen Justice. Summarize and analyze 2-3 selected opinions

●   Would you describe your justices as an activist or as a restrained justice?

●    Is your justice a strict constructionist or a justice who views the constitution as a living document that changes with the times?

●   Does your justice look to the original intent of the Framers of the constitution in 1787?

Your biography should conclude with a paragraph that summarizes the justice’s constitutional philosophy.

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