CIVL2079 – Strength of material

Group Project – Beam Analysis

This project will allow student teams to gain in-depth knowledge of the beam analysis process by researching a project, preferably a steel structure project. You are required to do the analysis for a minimum of two different beams sections in any type of project. The project report should not exceed 15 pages in length. It must be prepared using MS Word, 12-point font, page borders of 1- inch, and line spacing of 1.5. All diagrams are to be done by using engineering paper.

The format of your report should be as follows:

−   Cover page (your name, your picture and paper title)

−    Executive summary (a description of the project, a description of the structure used, a description of the beam type that you will analyse)

−    Calculations, diagrams, and drawings (describe all the steps for the beam analysis process; use the week 9 lecture as a guide for you)

−    Conclusion (describe what you learnt from this analysis process and what your recommendations are regarding this type of analysis process in future projects)

−   References (include a list of references)

The group project will be due the last week of class, which is on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 by

11:59 pm.


Your teamwork will be graded using the rubric provided below. The marks will be awarded on the basis of accuracy, clarity, and overall quality of the completed project having regard to report organization. Although group collaboration is encouraged, any evidence of copied work between the groups or copyright violations will earn a mark of zero and an appropriate action for academic dishonesty will be executed.  Also, marks will be deducted for lack of citations and references.

ItemMaximum Mark
Cover page2
Executive summary3
FBD, SFD and BMD20
Load, reaction, shear force, & moment20
Bending stress and shear stress20
Other calculations and drawings10
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