Solved: Designing Tax Return Flowchart

The process concludes with the deposit of funds into the bank. You may use any of the following employees in designing the process: A/R Clerk, Receptionist; Accounting Supervisor; CFO; Tax Accountant; Tax Manager; and General Ledger Bookkeeper. For the project, complete the following:
  • A document flowchart showing the design of your processes. The processes should be designed with effective internal controls to protect against inaccuracies and loss. Use the flowchart template to mimic styles and format.
  • A set of procedures for each task performed by specific individuals participating in the process. The task should be adequately titled, the preparer's name should be included, as well as the name and date of the individual in the in the group (and date) who reviewed the procedures. Use the procedure template to mimic the style, structure, and format for each page of procedures. Include any needed instructions for input into QuickBooks.
Grade for the project will be determined by the following weights:
  • Flowchart presentation. 30%
  • Procedures presentation. 30%
  • Adequate design of needed internal controls. 40%