Solved: Addison Lee Report

Assignment 1- Addison Lee Report 2000 words

As newly appointed Marketing, this report is prepared/organised on the instruction/advice of the Marketing Director of Addison Lee addressing the following tasks:

Task 1: Marketing orientation

a) Describe the Production, Product, Selling, and Marketing orientations

- What are they? What does each orientation entail? Explain each one

- Are there key differences between them, what are they?

- use references for each orientation discussed

b) Identify and explain the orientation adopted by Addison Lee, and provide two (2) examples that demonstrate Addison Lee’s use of the approach

- Do not rely on bullet points

- Give examples of Addison Lee’s approach

– what evidence is there to suggest Addison Lee is using the chosen orientation

Task 2: Marketing environments

a) What is marketing environment analysis?

- Highlight what the marketing environment is made up of.

- You could also discuss the tools used to analyse each environment i.e. PESTEL

- Explain why organisations do a marketing environment analysis?

- Why is it important for Addison Lee to carry out a marketing environment analysis prior to setting a marketing strategy?

- Include reference sources

b) What are macro environmental factors? - Choose two factors, one economic and one socio-cultural factor–

- Explain each factor and the impact each factor could have on Addison Lee marketing decisions.

- For each factor discussed state whether they would be an opportunity or threat for Addison Lee and why?

- Include reference sources

c) Themicro environment - Who are the key competitors of Addison Lee? - Choose two and discuss why they are competitors, outline what thetwo competitors do

- Explain the potential threats each competitor poses to Addison Lee. Be clear.

- Include reference sources

d) What are internal environmental factors? - Choose two factors that could be considered as strengths or weaknesses in Addison Lee’s operations i.e. Organisation Resources, culture, location etc. Internal environment may include the company’s performance. It can be performance of sales, the market shares, the performance of profitability, customer’s loyalty towards the brand.

- Explain each of the chosen factors

- Why are the factors considered to be strength or a weakness?

- Include reference sources

Task 3: Marketing strategies

a) The concept of segmentation - What is market segmentation?

- What does it involve? Consider the various approaches to segmentation? i.e. demographic etc

- Why is segmentation important in planning a marketing strategy for Addison Lee?

- Include reference sources

b) Segmentation approaches - There are four key approaches

– choose two that Addison Lee could adopt when segmenting the market for 16 – 25-year olds

- Explain the two approaches and how they may be used - Include reference sources

Task 4: Marketing mix (7Ps)

a) Addison Lee’s marketing mix (7Ps) - What is the marketing mix (7Ps)

- For each P state Addison Lee’scurrent approach i.e. for product

– what is the product/service offering? What are the features of the product etc.?what is the pricing strategy? - All 7ps must be completed

- Must include reference sources

b) Based on the new objective Recommend changes to the Product, Price and Promotion element of Addison Lee’s marketing mix (7ps)

- What changes should be made to the product offering?

- What changes should be made to the Price? What pricing strategy will be used to attract the new target audience of 16-25 year olds? Justify your choices

- What changes should be made to the Promotion? How will Addison lee communicate with the new target audience of 16-25 year olds, to get them to use the service? tools used will probably be different given the focus on a new target audience (young audience). Justify your choices

- Include reference sources The above three elements of the 7ps must illustrate changes to Addison Lee’s marketing mix (7ps) Conclusion

- Summary of the key findings discussed Reference list

- credible academic sources from books, academic journals, reports, which will earned you better grades not Wikipedia Appendix(optional)

• Please write your work in 3rd person not 1st meaning, avoid ‘I’. Use the author, writer, researcher in its place. Do not use WE, use the name of the company

• Underpin all of your work with relevant theory

• Include referenced sources throughout