Solved: Care Crisis Model Integration

The purpose of this assignment is to give the student the opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking skills. The paper will show that the student is able to understand and integrate a crisis model into the nursing process while utilizing appropriate Functional Health Patterns.
Using the Bunker Hill Community College and Department of Nurse Education guidelines for a formal paper, the student will choose a client from the clinical setting this semester who is experiencing a situational and/or maturational crisis. Using the crisis intervention paradigm described by Chase (2013) the student will identify what precipitated the crisis and the balancing factors present and absent.
A. Describe a client cared for in the clinical setting, including the personal information and medical history (use personal interview and the client's medical record). Describe the current health-care issues. This section describes the client's situation, with clear delineation of the situational and/or maturational crisis. 20 points B. Describe the stressful event(s) with all THREE balancing factors. The student must identify the precipitating event plus the perception of the event, adequate (or inadequate) situational supports, coping strategies, and resolution of the problem. 20 points C. Identify and describe in detail at least two Functional Health Patterns most impacted by the client’s crisis. 10 points D. Provide a discussion of nursing interventions that aid in resolution of the crisis derived from at least one peer-reviewed, evidence-based article from a nursing journal. 20 points E. Discuss the continuing care needs of your client and suggest appropriate community based nursing interventions for ensuring continued recovery and health restoration for your client. 10 points F. In your summary, include a discussion of how crisis theory guided the nursing care of your patient. the 15 points G. Utilizing APA (American Psychological Association, 6 edition) format, use correct grammar, sentence structure and paragraphing. Not to exceed five typewritten pages, double spaced, excluding cover page and reference page. The reference list must consist of at least three sources excluding required textbooks and dictionaries. Section D must refer to one peer-reviewed, evidence-based nursing periodical article published in the last five years to be submitted with the paper. 5 points Total: 100 points