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Assignment 2 Final Project: Calculate the Ratios

  • Using the list from the back of your textbook, select 2–3 ratios from each of the following 6 diagnostic financial performance categories, decide which ratios (2–3 for each diagnostic category listed) you wish to use.
    • Short-term liquidity
    • Capital structure and solvency
    • Return on invested capital
    • Asset turnover (utilization)
    • Operating performance and profitability
    • Financial market measures
  • Using the ratios you select, gather the information you need to calculate the ratios from your selected company’s 10-K or annual report.
  • Calculate the ratios for your company, the industry and a competitor Review an example of the ratio chart. The ratio chart will be used as a basis for the project for your conclusion of whether in your opinion, with the ratios as your basis, the company is doing well or not.
  • Ensure proper usage of APA citation and formatting.

Submit a Word document with your calculated ratios. 

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