6.3 Assignment

 6.3  Assignment


Outline your argument paper


1. Review information on argumentative strategies and outlining on pages 268-274.

2. Review your Researched Argument plan and the received feedback.

3. Review the discussion of outlines earlier this week paying attention to the noted strengths of each outline.

4. Using student samples discussed earlier this week as examples, outline your own argument using sentence-level outline (every entry on the outline should be formulated as a complete sentence).


Start your outline with the claim, continue to outline reasoning, and make sure to include refutation.

Due:Wednesday, Week 6

Where do I post my  work? After drafting and saving your work in Word, please open the submission window (click on “Write Submission”), then cut and paste your work from your Word document right into the submission box below in the Assignments tool. Please, do NOT submit an attachment and do NOT paste your work in the Comments window.

Please make sure all formatting remains intact.

If needed, review how to submit assignments HERE.

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