Solved: HRMIC Assignment – ‘Cafe Pascuta’

Summative Assessment – Component 1
Students will be assessed in this module by coursework and examination.
The coursework consists of a 3,000 word individual report, based on a case study and the questions provided, which carries 50% of the module grade. You should upload the report through Turnitin (on module Moodle). On-line feedback will be available once the essays are marked. Click on the rubric icon to access the feedback.
The examination paper will comprise six essay-type questions from which the student must answer three questions. The questions will be based upon the main topics covered in the module, and each question will be worth equal marks. The examination will account for 50% of your overall grade for this module. A sample exam is available on Moodle Students must obtain a mark of at least P1 overall, and not less than F1 in either component to pass. HRMIC Assignment – ‘Cafe Pascuta’ Cafe Pascuta is an Italian coffee bar chain specialising in organic high quality coffees and Italian pastries. Its unique stance on CSR (corporate social responsibility) and ethically sourced delicious products have made it a big hit in Europe where it also has stores across the UK, France and Spain. Cafe Pascuta is looking to break into the Asian market and is planning to open its first stores in Shanghai and Beijing (China). As before, the new stores will operate in a very similar way to operations in Italy (HQ), with the same product line in order to retain their individuality and unique ethical selling point. A General Manager (PCN) has been identified and is available to be flown over to China in the first instance from Italy, but the company require more advice on staffing policy and whether to hire local staff for management positions (as well as at barista level)? The company has approached you, as an experienced HR consultant, to advise them about key HRM considerations for establishing their business in China. Your report should address the following key question and make clear your reasons for recommendations: 1. What are the main challenges that Cafe Pascuta will encounter setting up in China? Answers will debate: a. The pros and cons of pursuing a CSR strategy in China. b. The key cultural differences between Italy and China and how this may impact HRM and managerial practice. c. The most effective IHRM staffing strategy to adopt (citing appropriate models) d. The difficulties expatriates (PCN’s & TCN’s) specifically may face adapting in China and ideas to overcome these. The report should be approximately 3,000 words in length and should address all three questions, making clear recommendations. This is an individual piece of work. It is a good idea to use graphs and charts to present numerical information, such as Hofstede’s indices. Use APA referencing style throughout, a guide is available under the assessment tab in Moodle. All work must be submitted online via Turnitin .Please note that the word count for graphs and charts does not count towards the total and it is recommended that these are used to display models/ideas/statistics. Recommended Structure: 1. Abstract/Executive summary (word count not included) 2. Introduction (approx.200 words) 3. Discussion (approx.2400 words) 4. Conclusion (approx.200 words) 5. Recommendations. (approx.200 words) (Acceptable to bullet point these). 6. Reference List (word count not included) 7. Appendices (word count not included)