Solved: Presentation Purposes

1.What is the difference between the following presentation purposes: Inform, Persuade, Prepare, and Tell a Story? 2. What questions might you ask to help you define the purpose and scope of your presentation? 3. What kinds of questions will help you to understand the needs of your target audience? 4. List three presentation views in PowerPoint. 5. Explain when it is appropriate to use Outline view. 6. In what primary way is a template distinct from a theme? 7. Describe one benefit of creating a presentation from a template. 8. When selecting placeholders, how can you know if you have selected the text box and not the text inside the box? 9. Keeping it short and simple includes stricking a balance between visual elements and white space. What is white space? 10. For what reason would you use the Research Pane? 11. Explain when you would save a slide show as a powerpoint show versus a pdf. 12. List three options for printing a presentation. Answer every single question and answers need to be simple and straight to the point.