Solved: History 2110 Project

Part of studying history is understanding how we interpret and remember it. You will select a topic from U.S. history (person/place/event) and answer the following questions in a 2-5 page paper, with a works cited page.
  • What is the purpose of memorials and monuments? What impact do they have on us and the way we think about history?
  • What are some existing memorials and monuments for your topic? If possible, select at least two and discuss.
  • Select one of the following questions: How would you update or change an existing memorial/monument to your topic? OR How would you envision a new memorial or monument? In your discussion for either question, use at least two primary sources that you perhaps could include or that influences your thinking. For both questions, remember to consider context, stakeholders, significance, and relevance.
You will give a brief (no more than five minutes) presentation in class on your paper. For your presentation, I would like you to focus on your topic, why you chose it, and its significance for today. A hard copy of your paper is due on the day of your presentation.