Solved: Developing Multiple Choice (M-C), Critical Thinking M-C, True-False and Matching Test Items

Assignment Prompt: Write one stem nurse-patient scenario and then five multiple-choice test items, one for each phase of the nursing process, that relate to the scenario. Two test items need to be analysis multiple choice and three test items critical thinking multiple choice. For each test item written, identify the phase of the nursing process. Write clear, concise directions above the stem/scenario that applies to the set of five multiple-choice test items. Place an asterisk (*) at the end of the one correct answer for each of the five multiple-choice test items. Write one true-false test item with clear, concise directions for the test-taker. Write one matching test item exercise with at least six correct answer options. Write clear, concise directions for students above the matching exercise. Review examples and follow best practices for writing each type of test item from the readings in McDonalds. READINGS: Module Overview McDonald: Ch. 5 - Developing multiple-choice items Ch. 6 - Writing critical thinking multiple-choice items Ch. 7 - Developing true-false and matching items Include an introduction (not an abstract), a body of the paper using APA (6th ed) Level 1 and Level 2 headings to separate different sections based on types of test items with examples, and a summary that highlights what you have learned from this exercise in item writing. Close with a conclusion based on the purpose of this paper. Expectations Due: Monday, 11:59 pm PT Length: 4 – 6 pages; (excluding title page, reference page, and any optional use of appendices). Format: APA 6th ed format, formal paper with cover page, reference page with a minimum of four peer-reviewed, credible, recent (in the past five years) reference citations, two of which need to be from a scholarly peer-reviewed journal article.