Solved: 3-2 Assignment: Creating an Artifact Table

Instructions For the final project in this course, you must demonstrate proficiency in all of the program/course outcomes. You will do so by creating an e-portfolio that contains performance-based artifacts that demonstrate the achievement of each course outcome. For this assignment, fill in the table provided (Performance Based Artifacts Table) with the artifact you think best demonstrates a given course outcome. Select artifacts/exemplars that demonstrate your proficiency with the knowledge, skills, abilities, or dispositions described in each course outcome. These artifacts can come from the courses in this program, work experience, re-creations of tasks in other situations, and other experiences that you feel demonstrate your ability to meet the course outcomes. A large project can be used for more than one outcome. However, in this table you must be specific about how you will highlight the area of the project that meets the identified outcome. Write a short justification of why you think this artifact demonstrates the associated course outcome.