Reflective Essay

You have read and discussed Stephen Wright’s article “On Critical Thinking It Takes Habit of Mind and Patterns of Inquiry”

This week, I want you to write a reflective essay focused on this article.

This essay is reflective, not academic, so you can write in the first person if you want to, but it is not required.

To meet the requirements of an essay, you need at least three paragraphs: An introduction, at least one supporting paragraph, and a conclusion.

I want you to include at least two direct quotes in your essay. You can use a quote in the introduction, in the supporting paragraph to back up your topic sentence, or in the conclusion. Make sure you introduce the author using the author introductions we practiced. Use a transition for your supporting paragraph or paragraphs.

Follow all MLA rules:

1.  Embedded header

2.  MLA heading

3.  Font = Times New Roman  12 point

4.  In-text citation

5.  Works Cited

6.  At least three paragraphs

Sample Thesis Statements:

●   Two important points Stephen Wright makes about critical thinking are

………… and …………….


You can create your own thesis, these are just examples you can use if you want to, but make sure your essay has a clear focus. Which ever thesis you select, will be the focus of the essay.

Sample in-text citation:

Stephen Wright states, “……………………….”   (64). Place a comma before the direct quote.

Use the following information for the Works Cited. Remember to use the hanging indent feature.

Works Cited

Wright, Stephen. “On Critical Thinking It Takes Habit of Mind and Patterns of Inquiry.” Air & Space Power Journal, vol. 33, no.4, Winter 2019, pp. 63-71. EBSCOhost,

 (Links to an external site.). Accessed 29 January 2021.

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