Solved: Choose a Theorist on the Nurse Theorist web site

For this discussion, you will choose a theorist on the Nurse Theorist web site (see your module Learning Activities) and use articles from your readings to contribute to the discussion. Address the following on the discussion board:
  1. Create a thread for discussion--enter the nurse theorist in the "Subject" field. Post on the thread why you chose the theorist.
  2. Write about the life of the nurse theorist. Share on the discussion board what you learned about the theorist:
  3. Post pictures of the theorist. (You can attach a picture to your discussion board by finding a photo and saving it on your computer. In your thread, select the icon on the toolbar above the text box that looks like a photo. If you hover over it with your mouse it will say attach image. After you select that icon, browse your computer to select the picture that you saved. Then just follow the prompts to attach it to your discussion board).
  4. What surprised you or captivated you about the theorist?
  5. What inspired this theorist to develop a theory for nursing?
  6. Cite this theorist's seminal work. Use correct APA format.
  7. Identify what the theorist said about the four concepts in the metaparadigm.If you could have tea with this theorist what would you tell her about nursing today?
  8. Give an example of application of the theory to your nursing practice today.
Nurse Theorists
Dr. Helen Erickson - Modeling and Role-Modeling
Dr. Merle Mishel - Uncertainty in Illness
Dr. Nola Pender - Health Promotion
Dr. Pamela Reed - Self-Transcendence
Dr. Afaf Meleis - Transitions
Dr. Patricia Benner - Novice to Expert
Virginia Henderson - Definition of Nursing
Dorothy Johnson - Behavioral Systems Model
Imogene King - Interacting Systems
Madeleine Leininger - Culture Care Diversity & Universality
Myra Levine - The Conservation Model
Betty Neuman - Neuman Systems Model
Margaret Newman - Health as Expanding Consciousness
Dorothea Orem - Self-Care Framework
Rosemarie Parse - Theory of Human Becoming
Ida Orlando Pelletier - Nursing Process Discipline
Hildegard Peplau - Interpersonal Relations in Nursing
Martha Rogers - Science of Unitary Human Beings
Callista Roy - Roy Adaptation Model of Nursing
Reva Rubin - Theory of Maternal Identity
Jean Watson - A Theory of Human Caring
Florence Nightingale - Life And Work