Solved: Data handling and business intelligence

You will write a journal review on current trend in Business Intelligence that you will have covered over the course of the semester which you will need to agree with your tutor. Your tutor is not only interested in the coverage and content of the article being reviewed but also in your critical assessment of the ideas and argument that are being presented by the author. Use the following research article, ‘Realizing the strategic impact of business intelligence utilization’ as a starting point for your research to help with identifying current trends in BI: As a technology-driven process for analysing data and presenting actionable information to help managerial decision-making, business intelligence has become an important concept with the availability of “big data” (Puklavec et al., 2018). Business intelligence is integrated into regular work practices as an appropriate tool to extract “big data” in a speedy way to make the right decisions. The dimensions of business intelligence include data integration, analytical capabilities, content quality in business processes, and decision-making culture (Eidizadeh et al., 2017). Full report: Lim, Y. and Teoh, A. 2020. Realizing the strategic impact of business intelligence utilization [Online] Available at: [Accessed 02 October 2020]. 1100 words must be all the journal review. Please use of the recomended books in the references from the word document that i provided.