Solved: Diagnosis Presentation

For this assignment you will create an engaging, 20-minute recorded presentation of a health problems related to a particular body system. Presentations topics will be assigned by the end of Week 1. Your presentation should include an overview of the health problem identified, an in-depth review of the associated anatomy and physiology, an overview of treatment methodologies, and information related to the needs of the patient and/or family related to the problem. Your presentation should be prepared in PowerPoint, and recorded with voice over narration. Post your presentation to the D2L Discussion Forum as an attachment in a new thread. Presentations may be viewed by the entire class asynchronously. Expectations Due: Monday, 11:59 pm PT Length: 10-12 slides in length (excluding title and reference slides, with a maximum recording length of 20 minutes)

*** This powerpoint requires a voice over presentation, so please add the speaker notes at the bottom of the slides so that I can add the voice over **** TOPIC is COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)