Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP)

Definition of Target Behavior

Alice constantly makes jokes and comments in some of her classes, which attract a lot laughter and attention among her classmates. Alice only does this on some of her classes. Her joke includes making comments such “Wow,” “Impossible,”and“That cannot happen.” She have jokes while the teacher talks, or as they enter or leave classrooms.

Summary of Functional Behavioral Analysis

Alice’s behavior is exhibited mostly with two teachers. Her frequency of making comments are consistent with teachers’ comments, and whenever they are requested to undertake some class activities. The classes include math and physics class.

Behavioral Hypothesis

Alice may have no interest in math and physics classes.  She may find the classes boring. She finds interests in seeking class attention through her jokes.

Behavioral Goal 1 (Reduction of Behavior)

Alice will reduce comments during lessons to at least one in a lesson

Objectives to Meet Goal

The ...