15 años y un día (15 Years and One Day)

It takes an entire village to raise a child. The shared responsibility is what gives children sense of direction, responsibility and belonging. It is clear that some of these demands cannot be provided by the parents alone. Teachers, relatives and mentors are considered custodians of the community. Gracia Querejeta’s brings out community loss on a rebellious and disrespectful child in the 15 años y un día (15 Years +1 Day) film (Querejeta).

 Margo (Maribel Verdú), an aspiring actress and affluent homemaker is unable to understand his son’s misbehavior. Jon (Arón Piper) is a 14 years old troubleshooter, who is constantly in trouble with the authorities. Jon is first expelled from school after pulling dirty pranks on his teachers and later he poisons a neighbor’s dog. After failed attempt to handle the child, Jon’s mother sends him to Max (Tito Valverde), the grandfather in a remote coastal setting (Naughten 1).

15 años y un día’s plot is drawn in a natural Spanish society. Jon...