Comparing Children Academic Achievement from Different Social Economic Status of the Family

Education increases the potential of an individual to secure a good job, income, and well-being (Barnes & Quaicoe, 2013). Accordingly, it is imperative to study the aspects that hinder students from performing well, and devise ways on how to handle them. There are many factors affecting the academic achievement of children including peer influence, family issues, school environment, and studentís determination. Understanding the impact of these factors is critical to improving the accomplishment of students. This essay focuses on the way family factors affect the educational achievement of children. It will provide a clear analysis of how different parenting styles, parental education, and socio-economic status affect young learners.

Parenting Styles

There are four parenting styles including authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and not involved. In authoritarian parenting, parents have complete control over their children, while in permissive one, kids are subjected to l...