The Impact of Paris Attack on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

International Response to Paris Attack

Paris attack attracted different multinational views, especially on Syrian refugees. In unison, most nations have come to terms with the growing atrocities of ISIS and the need for fast military action against the group. On the other hand, the state of the refugees seeking solace in Europe and America has been jeopardized. Many nations have acted swiftly to block their borders while others have created stricter documentation policies.† Based on the reactions following the attack, Syrians refugees are expected to meet more challenges.

After a Syrian passport had been recovered from one of the attackers, it became apparent that the inflow of refugees in any country could propagate more attacks.† Franceís immediate reaction was to close its borders, and come with new refugee measures. The reaction was a reversal of the nationalís original sympathetic policies. After one of the terroristís fingerprints identified that, he entered Europe thro...