Social Structure Matrix and Class Participation

Part One-


I am an African American born in a socially average family. Humility is one of my defining characteristics since childhood. In the process of growing up, I have attained several statuses. Today, my society recognizes me as an outstanding social worker due to my charitable contributions in several communal works. My society equally acknowledges my incredible expertise in brokering peace especially in reuniting broken relationships. Personally, I am a single parent currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in human services.

Master Status

I just love serving others regardless of their age, sex, or social position. To some extent, I believe this is an innate attribute in the sense that it dominates my feelings and beliefs. Still, many people highly rate my services whether done voluntarily or obligatorily.

Social Roles

I have a diverse cultural orientation. First, I am tolerant to people of diverse cultural beliefs, religion, profession, and other so...