Performance Objectives Design of a Company

Step 1:

Performance objectives of a company refer to its driving motives in the provision of goods or services to the intended customers (Haberberg & Rieple, 2008). These objectives include: speed, flexibility, dependability, and quality. A business benefits by maximizing the volume of its output, thus benefiting from the economies of scale and reduced cost of production.

Step 2:

Fig. 1: Polar diagram for a Bus Company and a Supermarket

Step 3:

Internal effects of speed to:

i) a supermarket

  • Reduces the time between serving different clients to a minimum, boosting sales
  • Avoids overcrowding at the counters
  • Ensures the immediate availability of goods

ii) A bus company

  • Reduces time wastage between stages, ensuring that travellers arrive at their destinations in good time
  • Maximizes the profits of the company as it is able to serve many customers at any given time

Internal effects of quality to:

  1. A supermarket
  2. Keeps the outlet clean and tidy
  3. The arrangement...