The United States Economy

Background of US Economy:

Towards the end of 2014, economists and investors alike wondered how 2015 would be. While some feared that the original downtrend would continue, a few were positive of the New Year. The year started strong and showed hope of a successful economic period for the US economy. The Nationís third quarter GDP was at 3.9% based on analysis of the nation's economic strength since the fourth quarter of 2013 financial year. In 2013, the fourth quarter GDP was at 2.4% while in the first quarter of 2014, it was at 2.9%, mostly this was caused by the impact of the devastating winter, the second quarter of 2014, however, shot to 4.6% (real GDPs) (Whitefoot, 2015).

Following the devastating winter, The US has seen a constant economic growth in both the GDP and other sectors. The GDP has shot, retail spending, consumer confidence, and unemployment showing an upward trend. †The latter is currently at 5.8%. the November retails increased by monthly at 0.7% to a total...