The Catholic Church and Women Ordination

Among the longest-standing controversies in the Catholic Church has been the ordination of women. The Churchís teaching that women cannot be priests has come under great attack. Many have argued that lack of such ordination is an obvious proof that the Church does not value women. Others dispute that the ordination of women is a matter of justice. Exclusion of women from ministry defies faith and reason.

The Catholic Faith teaches that men and women were created equal before God. The church also teaches that through baptism, men and women become children of God and that in Christ, there is no male or female as all have become one (Deweese, 2005). These teachings clearly indicate that both men and women are endowed equally with moral and intellectual ability. From the use of reason, one sees clearly that plenty of women could be priests. However, because the Church has rationalized unjust customs, it is no surprise that women are excluded from the priesthood.

Several explanati...