Sustainability practices in my area

Specifically, the escalated efforts on achieving a sustainable environment aims to ensure a peaceful coexistence between man and its immediate environment, now and in the future (Kanie & Biermann, 2017). For a sustainable environment to be achieved, a major reorganization of human activities and lifestyle is necessary (Sioshansi, 2011). Each person plays a significant role in the transition to a sustainable environment by reducing their harmful impact on the environment. Every action that contributes to sustainability is vital no matter how unimportant it may seem.

Below are some of the sustainable practices and issues in my area.

Garbage Recycling System at My Apartment

There are no rubbish dumps in my area. Most people deposit their wastes in these special containers or drop them off at a recycling station. One special aspect about these containers is that they free residents from the burden of having to sort waste and so the shame of having your garbage returned to ...