Sleep Disorders among College Students: Literature Review

Sleep disorder is a common condition in every society. However, its prevalence among learners have raised concerns among educators and the student community. Researches have established that there is a strong association between sleep disorder and academic performance. Sleep disorder is believed to negatively impact on studentís academic excellence, GPA.

Gaultney (2010), developed a validated sleep disorder questionnaire and surveyed sleep data of academic the year 2007 and 2008. The researcher collected studentsí GPAs from academic registrarsí office. The study population included 1,845 college students from Southeastern Public University. Gaultneyís study goal was to determine the prevalence of sleep disorders risk among college students. The research variables included students by age, gender, and their associations GPA.

Sleep disorder is a common challenge in many learning institutions. 23% of Americans have reported the sleep challenges (Gaultney, 2010). The figure is cl...