Business Plan: The taste of Europe

“The taste of Europe” is a coffee shop providing different varieties of coffee from Eastern Europe, Middle East as well as the most popular American coffee drinks.

Mission statement:

- Company Goals - Short-term goal is to have as much as possible customers to come and try our drinks, and to make at least small amount of profit at the end of year. Also, to finish all the possible researches if a drive thru should be part of the service.

Long-term goal in next five years is to expand coffee shop at three different locations and possibly to get bigger place for coffee shop, so more people can come in and sit.

Business Philosophy

  • Philosophy of this business is to try to make other cultures closer to the people in the US, and to give them opportunity to try something new and different.
  • The most important thing in the beginning of the business is to get as much as possible customers and to have large amount of people to hear about new business, so advertising and marketing...