Mission, Vision, Value, and Ethical Statements: Frankfort Shelte

Mission Statement: To Encourage and Empower Psychologically Abused Women

The main business of Frankfort Shelter even as indicated in its constitution is to aid psychologically abused women. To achieve its primary goal, the organization has to recognize the varying needs of its patients (Hammer, 2014). Such knowledge is highly significant and of great necessity in psychological counseling.

The above mission statement encourages the culture of intimacy. From basic knowledge, intimacy is one of the ways of having a complete understanding of an individual. The statement likewise sponsors the culture of responsibility by inspiring employees to strive for the good of the women. It is incontestable that for our clients to receive the healing expected, we will have to give our best.

In consideration of the fact that the agency accommodates women from diverse backgrounds, the above mission statement increases the multicultural competence of all employees by encouraging repeated con...