Healthcare Planning and Evaluation

Learning Plan 5

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix is deemed another effective tool to guide the American Heart Associationís strategic planning. The tool was introduced in 1973 and the main idea behind it is that individual products and units precondition a companyís competitiveness (Boston Consulting Group, 1973). While planning its subsequent development, the company is to determine products/units that are worth further investing, as well as the ones the funding should be discontinued. Analysis of the American Heart Associationís performance resulted in the BCG matrix, presented in the chart below. The response further analyzes key elements of the chart.

Chart 1

BCG Matrix for the American Heart Association

Question Marks (Low market share/high market growth)   ResearchStars (High market share/high market growth)   National/foreign partnerships
Dogs (Low market share/low market growth)   Support activities    Cash Cows (High market share/low market growth)   Heartsa...