Why Texas Dream Act is Appropriate


Texas Dream Act was revolutionary. Governor Ricky Perry and the Texas Legislature made the bold move in a bid to empower the immigrant students. The Act was a godsend in a country where none citizens are treated with suspicion and given unequal chances in the education scene. The purpose was to rip the benefits from the foreign community that boosts the economy. The main concern of the act, as will be explored further in this paper, was the appreciation of the fact that the learners should not suffer for the mistakes made by their parents who are/were immigrants.

In my opinion, the act had good intentions from the beginning. This however met some challenges during the implementation. I still believe it is the best idea for the sake of both the learners and the state of Texas. If well implemented, the students will be in a position to learn without financial strain. Texas will be guaranteed of trained labor from the trained learners who will in turn keep the econ...