Code of Ethical Conduct: Chipotle Mexican Grill

The fact that the present-day world has become increasingly competitive is not a subject of debate. Surviving in the current commerce sphere demands prudence and precision. Knowing this, Chipotle continuously formulates new laws besides revising its existing ones, all aimed at making the firm a preferred food destination point. While there are many ways of becoming competitive, Chipotle believes that success starts with upright behaviors, which involves how employees interact with each other as well as clients. The firm has an all-inclusive code of ethical conduct, which is the reason behind its success.

Key Areas of the Code of Conduct

Politics is by nature unpredictable and ever changing (Drutman, 2015). Coalitions crop up and go. Public attention arises and disappears. In brief, politics is uncertain. By choosing to remain neutral, Chipotle has in essence presented itself as true public firm. One of the benefits of this stance is that it discourages unhealthy conversation ...