“Coca-Cola in Totontepec”

Background of Coca Cola Advertisements

Coca-Cola Product branding have been closely linked to the theoretical cultural understandings such as Ricca and Robins’ meta-luxury, Hofstede’s five dimensions of national culture, Kapferer’s brand identity prism, and de Mooij’s marketing and cross-cultural studies. These frameworks have been credited with shaping brand positions and presentation in various cultures. Majorly, organisations have positioned and presented their advertisements and social product placement strategies along the these cultural understandings to create product adaptiveness. While some products gain popularity in any cultural dimension, others are closely linked to particular cultures. Coca-Cola brand has fought heavily to fit in all cultural dimension despite its birth in high Western cultural dimension.

Analysis of Coca-Cola advertisement shows its struggle to become all cultural dimensional brand. People easily identify Coca-Cola drink, owing to its wide reta...