Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Beyond a reasonable doubt movie is a 2009 remake of the 1956 crime thriller film 'the same' by Fritx Lang. Below are various legal terms used in the movie:

 A Reasonable Doubt; Is the amount of evidence required to provide a verdict in a case (Lee, 2015). Crystal was able to prove that, to support a conviction. Hunter would obtain suspects’ DNA while in custody and plant it.

Burden of Proof; is the legal standard that demands the parties involved to provide evidence to validate or invalidate a claim (KAPLOW, 2012). Crystal with the discloses that Hunter was corrupt.

Prosecution; is the process of conducting a trial against a person accused of committing a crime (Wilson, 2011). Hunter led the prosecution.

Plaintiff; A person or a group who seek legal action (Morley, 2016). Nicholas seeks legal action against the Hunter whom he is convinced that he is corrupt.

Jury; Is a sworn body of people chosen from the public to offer a verdict after listening to a case (Ferguson, 20...